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Jino Lee is a photographer and an artist based in Philadelphia, PA. 


His life has been quite nomadic - born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, spent his childhood in South Korea, youth in Clarion (a small town in Western Pennsylvania), then finally made it to the city of brotherly love! 


Along the way, when he was 11 years old or so, he happened to be interested in this small camera that was lying around the house. Since then, photography has become part of his life.


As a photographer, he is on a lifelong journey, hoping to figure out why he loves what he loves. 


I can’t get enough of seeing. For me, photography isn’t just about passive observation, it’s also about obsession. The act of photographing gives me a sense of belonging in life, and I am motivated to photograph every day for how pictures become proof that I exist. As I actively look, observe, and notice things, I intuitively respond to the moment, discovering many untold stories and geometric surprises within each frame.
In the process of making photographs, I want to ask questions, rather than making a statement. What is worth looking at? What is worth remembering? The speed and ubiquity of photography’s abundant production are rapidly growing and the definition of photography is ever changing. As I participate in life with this magical medium, I wonder how changes in photography will continue to change the way we see and understand the world.


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